Interfisa has enough trained personnel to make the extraction of all of the materials. Our goal is to fulfill the necessities of our suppliers, giving them personalized attention and tools to generate the perfect service.



The recolected material is delivered at Interfisa. We have scales which help us giving an exact weight of the recent material.



Depending of the weight, our scale will show the exact amount of payment.



We have exclusive areas per material, letting us to work in each of them depending on their needs. Our qualified personnel is trained to classify the material in different categories, raising our quality standards of the final product.



Now that the materials are Ready, they enter tuo the compacting process. The final products will be in packages of about 11 quintals. This process makes the storage and manipulation easier.



Our geographic position, lets us work through the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans piers. We have Paperboard and Paper Exporting License Woldwide.