Recycling process which through any used material, considered as trash, becomes usable again.

process which through any used material, considered as thrash, becomes usable again.


Recycle es process or method that is applied to used materials, making them usable again; at their original form, or different.



  • Job generation.

  • Minimizes the use of renewable and no renewable resources.

  • Reduces our dependency of the petroleum.

  • Minimizes the emissions of greenhouse gas effect, which contributes with the climate change, avoiding the methane emissions and energy reductions needed for some products.

  • Reduces the use of energy and water. Reduces the needing of eliminating (the dumps or incineration), which lowers the CO2 quantity produced.




Time is our best ally. Through the years, our planet Earth has shown us how much our bad habits had caused, for example, the high demand of paper worldwide; which leads to a higher extraction of raw material that is originated in the trees. With this the forest and green areas are exterminated, and if we lack green areas, the increase of environmental pollution is obvious. This results in diseases, animal extinctions and lack of natural resources.


As a conclusion, recycling paper reduces the use of trees, environmental contamination and bad use of natural resources.





• Paper

• Cardboard

• Glass

• Tires

• Metal/Steel

• Cellphones


• Plastic Bags

• Wood

• Batteries

• Aluminium

• Appliances

• Kitchen Oil