At Interfisa, we specialize in recolecting, classifying and compacting paper, paperboard and plastic. We have more tan 30 years of experience in the field of residual and reusable materials, making us the best choice in the market.

We are compromised with the natural environment, the natural resources and the protection of them, helping this cause with the use of the reusable wastes of our country.

As a support to that cause, we have a license of Enviromental Rating, which let us ensure our lients that we are a Company that makes the respetive procedures for this area of the market.





  • Guarantee the quality of our products, based on high levelled standards around the world.

  • Give the best prices and offers in the national and international recycling market.

  • Train our personnel to sharp up the relationships with our vendors and clients.

  • Share and promote the recycling through our 3R philosophy.






Become the best option to sell and buy recyclable material in Central America, offering high-quality products.